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Learn from Todd

Golf Swing Specialist

Todd Keirstead is one of the premier golf instructors in Canada.

Todd has worked with individuals being introduced into the game all the way to high-profile Tour Professionals.

Todd sets goals with his students and develops a roadmap to achieve each individual’s goals.

Why Would Virtual Instruction Work For You?

  • Reason 1

    A busy schedule can prevent a student from seeing Todd either In person or through Remote "Live" Instruction as often as needed to ensure progression. Virtual Instruction allows for student–coach interaction when time constraints might otherwise prevent it.

  • Reason 2

    Todd utilizes the OnForm Swing Analysis Software which provides you opportunity to interact with Todd Keirstead from anywhere in the world. Video captured on a smart device utilizing the app can be sent directly to Todd to be analyzed and sent back to the student ensuring efficient and practical training.

  • Reason 3

    Virtual Instruction is a great way to develop a plan for getting better one fix at a time. They are a great supplement to the Todd Keirstead Online Academy videos which will provide an opportunity for Todd to tell you exactly what to work on first, making it easier to focus on particular sections of instructional videos.

  • Reason 4

    Virtual Instruction teaches you how to “read” videos of your swing. After Virtual Instruction with Todd you will know exactly what your problem looks like and how to fix it, you gain the ability to identify problems in your own swing videos.

  • Reason 5

    Consistent In-Person Coaching can be an expensive investment. With utilizing Virtual Instruction is an affordable way to maximize interaction with Todd between your personal In-Person Coaching or Remote Live Lesson sessions.

To Get Started

Virtual Instructional Packages

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SPECIAL Introductory Offer — 75% Savings

1st Time Virtual Instruction


Single Virtual Instruction


Help to take you game to the next level.


5 Virtual Lesson Instructional

VALID FOR 6 months

5 Lessons will greatly improve your golf game.


$49.99 Savings

10 Lesson Virtual Instructional Plan


10 Lessons will greatly improve your golf game.


$139.99 Savings

How To Get Started

  1. Fill out the below questionnaire
  2. Todd will send you an OnForm personal link for you to download to your mobile device.
  3. Download the OnForm app on your mobile device
  4. When the OnForm app is downloaded you can then capture your swing directly onto the OnForm app
  5. When your swing is captured, share it with Todd on the OnForm app for his review
  6. Allow up to 7 days for Todd to provide
    • Voice-over analysis of your golf swing
    • Recommended areas of improvement
    • Personalized drills for improvement
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