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Golf Swing Specialist

Todd Keirstead is one of the Premier Golf Instructors in Canada.

Whether you are trying to take your game to the next level or trying to put a stop to bad habits, Todd provides you with an experience like no other. Todd Keirstead offers a customized instructional experience that appeals to all skill levels. 

Todd Keirstead is an award-winning PGA Professional and player development consultant. Having taught in Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, the UK, and all throughout the Caribbean, the US, and Canada, Todd Keirstead has traveled the world teaching the game of golf to thousands of students. Todd takes great pride in utilizing the latest software technology to develop a very focused and personalized instructional game plan that can take your game to the next level by providing guaranteed results. 

Pro To The Pros

Todd has been featured on the Golf Channel, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, TSN, SportsNet, and TMZ and is a "Pro to the Pros," working alongside many famous athletes that have played in the NHL, NFL, NBA, and CFL.

In Person one On one coaching

What does a Private Lesson Entail?

A Private Lesson provides you with One on One instruction. Todd will be right beside you with each step on your road to better golf. Each individual lesson will begin with an interview about the current state of your game, and conclude with a summary and demonstration of the key points that have been recored by Todd with all information along with the initial analysis put into your personal online locker, which can be accessed from any computer or smart phone.

Virtual On-Line Coaching

Learn at your convenience

Many of the students who take instruction from Todd reside all around the world. If you can’t make it in person for One on One Coaching with Todd, Virtual On-Line Coaching is best for you. 

It is as simple as videotaping your golf swing and sending it to Todd via the OnForm Swing Analysis Software App.

Todd will review and analyze your swing, and provide you with a detailed voice-over with comparisons and graphics to highlight what needs to be addressed. Todd will then provide you with drills and tips tailored to suit your needs.

Remote LIVE Virtual Lesson


Remote Live Virtual Lessons are LIVE one-on-one video sessions with Todd Keirstead, delivered over your choice of video-conferencing software. They can take place inside your house, your backyard, the driving range, or even on a golf course. A variety of different setups will work for this. The only technical requirement is that Todd can see you, and you can hear him. Even a phone propped up on a bookshelf in a bedroom can get it done.  

On Course Playing Lessons

What are On Course Playing Lessons?

Many people learn best by doing.

If you’re struggling to improve your scores and don’t understand why they’re not budging, then have Todd Keirstead evaluate your golf game on the course. 

Todd will work on your game management and talk about course strategy with the player.

With an on-course playing lesson, you will have the opportunity to play 9 holes or 18 holes of golf with Todd who will instruct you in a playing environment. 

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