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Golf Swing Specialist

Todd Keirstead is one of the premier golf instructors in Canada.

Todd has worked with individuals being introduced into the game all the way to high-profile Tour Professionals.

Todd sets goals with his students and develops a roadmap to achieve each individual’s goals.

Remote "Live" Virtual Instruction Packages

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1. What is the difference between a Remote “Live” Virtual Lesson and an Online Lesson?  

A REMOTE “LIVE” VIRTUAL LESSON is an in-person golf lesson delivered over video conferencing. It’s live, there’s a back and forth, you get immediate feedback during the lesson, and make changes on the spot. ONLINE LESSONS are based around video analysis of your swing. You upload swing videos, and Todd breaks them down, tells you where you’re going wrong, and provides some guidance and (sometimes) supplementary video about how to fix it. 

2. Which is better, a Remote “Live” Virtual Lesson or an Online Lesson?

Neither is “better.” Both are good for different things. An ONLINE LESSON gives you a breakdown of what you need to fix right now in your golf swing. It always includes some suggestions on how HOW to fix it, but that process, and whether or not you are doing it right, is up to you. A REMOTE LIVE lesson is ideal for working on faults and making changes during the lesson under Todd’s tutelage. 

For most clients, the BEST solution is a COMBINATION of the two. Start with an ONLINE LESSON, and then schedule a REMOTE LIVE VIRTUAL lesson to work on the faults outlined in the ONLINE LESSON. 

3. Which video conferencing platform does Todd use for the Remote “Live” Virtual Lesson?

The majority of REMOTE “LIVE” VIRTUAL lessons Todd has given to date have used FaceTime and Zoom.

4. I am not technically inclined, are these difficult to set up?

The only real requirement to making these work is figuring out where to place your phone, tablet, or laptop so that Todd can see your swing during the lesson. Propping your phone up on your golf bag in the backyard can work. Indoors, a shelf or piece of furniture can work fine. 

If you have a Bluetooth headset or headphones, those can be convenient because you can communicate with Todd away from your device. This is not a requirement.

If you can make a FaceTime call or join a video conferencing meeting, you can take a REMOTE LIVE lesson.

Todd Keirstead coaches In Person and Virtually utilizing the OnForm Swing Analysis Software.

OnForm is an innovative swing analysis platform that allows the student to interact with the coach like never before.

The OnForm Swing Analysis Software is FREE to any student that takes a lesson with Todd. 


  • REMOTE “LIVE” VIRTUAL Lessons provide the student to interact with Todd Keirstead from anywhere in the world. Utilizing video conferencing brings Todd to you. 
  • A busy schedule can prevent a student from seeing Todd as often as needed to ensure progression. Using FaceTime, Zoom, and OnForm allows for student–coach interaction when time constraints might otherwise prevent it.
  • Consistent In-Person Coaching can be an expensive investment. With utilizing Online Virtual Lessons is an affordable way to maximize interaction with Todd between your personal In-Person Coaching sessions

SPECIAL Introductory 30 minute lesson 40% Savings

1st Time Virtual Lesson 30-minute Private Lesson


Single Remote 'LIVE" Virtual Lesson

60-minute Private Lesson

Help to take your game to the next level.


5 Remote 'LIVE" Virtual Lessons


5 Remote “LIVE” Virtual Lessons will greatly improve your golf game.


25% Savings

10 Remote 'LIVE" Virtual Lessons


10 Remote “LIVE” Virtual Lessons will greatly improve your golf game.


35% Savings

How To Get Started

  1. Fill out the below questionnaire
  2. Todd will send you an OnForm personal link for you to download to your mobile device.
  3. Download the OnForm app on your mobile device
  4. When the OnForm app is downloaded you can then capture your swing directly onto the OnForm app
  5. When your swing is captured, share it with Todd for his review
  6. Allow up to 7 days for Todd to provide
    • Voice-over analysis of your golf swing
    • Recommended areas of improvement
    • Personalized drills for improvement
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