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Meet Todd Keristead

PGA Professional, Celebrity Golf Entertainer, and Motivational Speaker on Skin Cancer Awareness.

Under the sun-soaked skies of golf courses worldwide, Todd’s life took a turn when he was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2023, a result of years spent exposed to ‘Golf’s Silent Killer’. Enduring 7 surgeries in just 4 months, Todd emerged with a transformed perspective, driven by a mission to empower and educate.

From survivor to advocate, Todd’s journey embodies resilience and passion. His firsthand experience fuels a commitment to protecting others from the silent threat of skin cancer.

With a heart dedicated to sun safety and early detection, Todd shares his insights globally, emphasizing the crucial steps needed for skin health.

Todd Keirstead stands as a beacon of hope, rallying communities to adopt sun-safe practices and championing proactive skin care for all.

Skin Cancer Facts

Early detection is paramount when it comes to skin cancer. Recognizing the signs, knowing where to find them, and having the courage to seek medical attention can be the decisive factor between life and death.
Want to learn more critical facts about skin cancer? Keep reading.

Statistically, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer.

There are more new cases each year than there are of all other cancers combined.

One out of every three people will develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime.

Sun exposure is believed to cause 90 percent of all skin cancer cases.

Research shows that 99% of all skin cancers are curable.

Approximately 90% of those diagnosed with skin cancer can expect to live for ten or more years.

Skin Cancer Workshops

Amplifying Awareness

Press Coverage of Todd Keirstead's Mission

Discover how Todd’s inspiring journey and advocacy efforts have resonated with audiences worldwide, shedding light on the importance of sun safety and skin cancer awareness.

"It's Time to Embrace Sun Safety"
"Unfortunate Sun"
Melanoma Canada
Brand Ambassador
“I am proud to announce that I am the newest ambassador for Melanoma Canada”, says Todd Keirstead. “I look forward to sharing my raw and personal journey not only to help promote the importance of early detection but to show individuals that they are not alone as they battle the most common form of cancer in Canada
“Melanoma Canada is grateful for Todd’s support. We know it can be difficult to share this emotional journey, and we appreciate Todd encouraging the golf community and the public to take sun safety and skin cancer seriously. ” Falyn Katz – CEO, Melanoma Canada.
Changing the Game
Todd Keirstead is leading the charge in raising awareness in the golf industry of the reality of skin cancer’s threat on the course.
Skin cancer is a pervasive and potentially lethal disease that has earned the ominous moniker of “Golf’s Silent Killer.” 
Many who play the game remain blissfully ignorant of the hours exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays as they stride down fairways during their rounds and linger on driving ranges while honing their skill.
Golf Industry Skin Cancer Statistics

It is crucial for golfers to be aware of the potential risks associated with prolonged sun exposure. The statistics are clear, and the risks are real. Golfers of all backgrounds and skill levels need to recognize the importance of sun protection and take proactive steps to safeguard their health. By understanding the risks associated with prolonged sun exposure, dispelling misconceptions, and actively promoting sun protection, golfers can continue to enjoy their beloved sport while safeguarding their health.

Skin Cancer Educational Seminar

The Skin Cancer Educational Seminar featuring Todd Keirstead, titled “Learn from my Pain, Learn from my Scars,” is a impactful undertaking for the community. It serves as an effective platform to enhance awareness about the risks of skin cancer and the critical importance of sun safety, particularly for individuals who spend prolonged periods outdoors playing sports.


This seminar holds the potential to not only impart knowledge but also to instigate positive changes in behavior regarding sun safety. By intertwining personal anecdotes, expert insights, and practical guidance tailored to the sporting community, the event can serve as a catalyst for promoting a culture of sun safety.


Past Skin Cancer Speaking Engagements

Todd Keirstead
Brand Ambassador

Protecting Your Skin in the Game

Todd’s compelling journey from skin cancer survivor to passionate advocate for sun safety and wellness, coupled with his commitment to authenticity, strong communication skills, and active engagement in the skin cancer survivor community, makes him an ideal choice as your brand ambassador. Let Todd’s story elevate your brand’s mission to new heights.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Brand Representation:

Todd will serve as a spokesperson for your brand, embodying its values and mission in all public appearances and communications. His personal journey will resonate with audiences, creating a powerful connection.

Content Creation:

Todd will generate compelling content, including blog posts, social media updates, and videos. By sharing personal experiences, offering sun safety tips, and emphasizing the importance of regular check-ups, he will engage and educate your audience.

Educational Initiatives:

Collaborating with the brand, Todd will actively contribute to educational campaigns and initiatives aimed at increasing awareness about skin cancer prevention and early detection.

Event Participation:

Todd will attend relevant events, conferences, and community gatherings to share insights, offer support, and represent the brand. His presence will enhance the brand’s visibility and reinforce its commitment to skin health.

Collaboration with Influencers:

Todd will collaborate with influencers and other advocates to amplify the brand’s message, reaching a broader audience. Leveraging his connections, he will expand the brand’s influence within the skin cancer survivor community.

Benefits of Todd Keirstead as your brand ambassador

Authentic Connection:

Todd’s personal journey creates a genuine and relatable connection between the brand and its audience, fostering trust and loyalty.

Increased Awareness:

Todd’s influence will contribute significantly to the increased visibility of the brand’s commitment to skin health and cancer prevention, reaching a wider audience.

Positive Impact:

By sharing his experiences and insights, Todd will inspire others to prioritize their health, leading to a positive societal impact and aligning your brand with a meaningful cause.

Media Opportunities:

The collaboration with Todd Keirstead will attract media attention, providing valuable opportunities for interviews, articles, and features that further amplify your brand’s message.

Drive Change with Todd Keirstead

Todd Keirstead’s unique combination of personal experience, passion for advocacy, and effective communication make him an invaluable asset to your brand. We look forward to discussing with you the positive impact this collaboration will have on your brand’s mission and the broader community.

 Implementation Strategies:
  • Tips for integrating sun protection into sports club policies (soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, pickleball, volleyball, football, fishing, golf, and other outdoor sports)
  • Training staff, coaches, and players on the importance of sun safety
  • Creating a sun-safe environment in various sports settings
  • Encouraging the use of protective clothing and sunscreen in different outdoor activities
Interactive Session:
  • Q&A session with the audience
  • Group discussions on sun protection challenges and solutions specific to different sports
  • Demonstration of proper sunscreen application and use of protective clothing for soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, pickleball, volleyball, football, fishing, golf, and other outdoor sports
Protecting Health and Wellbeing:
  • Emphasizing the impact of sun protection on the health and wellbeing of participants across diverse sports
  • Share personal stories/testimonials from individuals who have benefited from sun protection practices in various outdoor activities.
Promoting a Sun-Safe Culture:
  • Strategies for fostering a sun-safe culture within sports communities
  • Encouraging ongoing awareness and education in diverse outdoor sports
  • Recognizing and celebrating achievements in sun protection across different activities
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